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About Us

PT. Sumitomo Forestry Indonesia

PT. Sumitomo Forestry Indonesia was established in 2011, as a Sumitomo Forestry Group company. Our main business is Timber and Building Materials, we provide wood products and building materials  to Indonesia companies.

In 2014, we became a general distribution agent of TOCLAS Water Purifier, and started to sell them. TOCLAS Water purifier provides clean, safety water to customers.

Name PT. Sumitomo Forestry Indonesia (SFI)
Established May, 2011
Capital USD 300,000

Sumitomo Forestry (Singapore) Ltd.  99 %

Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd.  1 %

Business Scope

1) Timber & Building Materials Businesses

2) TOCLAS Water Purifier Businesses

Address SummitmasⅡ 8th Floor, JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav.61-62 Jakarta 12190, Indonesia


Sumitomo Forestry Group

Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1691, and incorporated in 1948. Our scope of businesses are Forestry & Environment Businesses, Timber & Building Materials Businesses, Housing Businesses, Lifestyle Services, Overseas Businesses.

The Sumitomo Forestry Group is dedicated to the corporate philosophy, "Sumitomo Forestry Group utilizes timber as a renewable, healthy and environmentally friendly natural resource, and contributes to a prosperous society through all types of housing-related services." Guided by this philosophy, the Group conducts operations with the aim of maximizing shareholder value.

To accomplish this goal, the Group adheres to four action guidelines with an emphasis on improving management efficiency and boosting profitability. The first is the Sumitomo spirit, conducting business based on principles of integrity and sound management. The second is respect for Humanity, creation an open and inclusive corporate culture that instills a strong sense of pride and motivation in employees. The third is environmental responsibility. The Group contributes to the protection of the environment and our fellow beings through responsible business practices. The fourth element is putting customers first, which means that we act with customer satisfaction first and foremost in mind.

In addition, the Group is committed to improving the quality of its management by enhancing management transparency through an extensive information disclosure.


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