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What is the MDF?
MDF is short for Medium Density Fiberboard. This is a kind of fiberboard made from wood fibers.

Manufacturing process is to cut and steam the wood chip, it will break into their natural cellulose fibers, and add the adhesive, and the dried fibers are formed into the sheet. The characteristic of MDF is homogeneous products even though it has material workability like other wood products.
MDF provided to a wide range of products (ex kitchen-cabinet, furniture, and building materials etc).


Nelson pine industries ・ Alpine MDF industries

Our parent company (Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd) has two MDF factories in Oceania area. The one is Nelson Pine Industries in New Zealand and another is Alpine MDF Industries in Australia. These companies are making MDF from Radiata pine only, so that their products are low impurity and white color. For this reason, these factories have become highly regarded from worldwide market.