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Particle Board

What is Particle Board?
Particle Board is the face board which applied chips with synthetic-resin adhesive and pressure shaping by hot press.

 It was created by European company in 1930~1940 in order to make efficient use of the forest thinning. Today, a lot of countries produce it as an industry of beneficial use of wood.

Particle Board is very good for the environment because it is produced by using thinned wood and waste wood.

The main application of Particle Board is used for furniture. Recently, it is also used for floor material because it has a good noise barrier performance and thermal insulating properties.

PT. Kutai Timber Indonesia ・ PT. Rimba Partikel Indonesia
Our parent company has two good particle board factories "PT. Kutai Timber Indonesia (KTI)" and "PT. Rimba Partikel Indonesia (RPI)" in Indonesia. They mainly sell their products in Indonesia.
They can stably produce their products because they can get the thinned wood and waste wood easier than the other countries.

They always produce stable products under the guidance of skilled technical staff.
RPI has the "Japan Industrial Standards (JIS)", and they produce the stable high quality products.