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Plywood is composed of a number of veneer. Each veneer is nearly orthogonal to fiber direction and laminated by glue.
Compared with innocent lumber, plywood has larger square measure and also have harder strength for both directions. Characteristic of plywood is smooth on both surfaces.
Compared with other wooden board, characteristic of plywood is stronger, plywood has less geometry variation so that you can use it in diverse ways.
The main application of plywood is used for concrete formwork and for decorated board.
Primary material of plywood is mainly hard wood in southeast Asia in former years, however recently it changes into tree plantation (ex: poplar, falcata, or other soft wood) from protect the environment.

PT. Kutai Timber Indonesia
Our parent company has a plywood factory "PT. Kutai Timber Indonesia (KTI)" in Indonesia. They sell their products to many countries including in Japan.
KTI always produces stable products under the guidance of Japanese technician.

KTI is also concentrating falcata plantation for long time so that they have good experience for plantation management and have considerable logging.